Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blog Assignment #1

About Me:
/ Hello everyone. My name is Leslie Jo Curd, but i prefer to be called Jo. I am a twenty two year old junior at the University of South Alabama, entering into my fifth year of college. I belong to a family of four; it is just me, my older brother, my mom, and my dad. My family is my support system; along with my best friend Lindsay, who is constantly by my side through everything and my boyfriend Michael, who is proudly serving our country as a medic in the army.
/ I have lived in Mobile since I was almost two years old. My dad was in the army when he and my mom married and when I was born my dad was stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington; which is where I was born. My dad grew up here in Mobile, which is why we moved down here once his time in the army was up. My mom, on the other hand, is from Germany. So, I am half German, although I know very little of the german language.
/ I just recently changed my major to elementary education, but I am not new to the University of South Alabama. When I started college at the University of South Alabama in the fall of 2008, my major was nursing; after many tries of applying to the nursing program at South I finally transferred to Faulkner State Community College. I spent a year at Faulkner, just to spend one semester in their nursing program and to find out that nursing was not my calling. My heart has always been with working with children, as I have always enjoyed working vacation bible school at my church and doing other mission outreaches with children. So, here I am back at the University of South Alabama and extremely excited to dive into my new major and become a teacher, as to teach children and hopefully touch their lives.
/ On another note, I am a part time waitress at a local restaurant here in Mobile. I spend most of my spare time working, but when I am not working I am hanging out with my friends and spending time with my family. I enjoy going to church every sunday and embracing the passion I have for my savior. When I really have time I could easily be found out on the boat fishing with my family or at the shooting range with my uncle. I suppose you could say I am far from being a girly girl, as I love fishing and guns. I always keeping myself busy and being back in school may be a change, but a change for the better.
/ Thought's On Randy Pausch Time Management:
/ The video on time management had some helpful hints. I agree with Randy Pausch, when he said that not having a plan is planning to fail. I hate to admit that that is one of my down falls, as I have a issue with not having a plan or just having a poorly developed plan. It is better to have a plan, than to not have one and procrastinate all the time.
/ Thoughts on Penn State Time Management:
/ The methods on how best to manage time that the pages that Penn State offered were very helpful. The one that would work best for me would be keeping a calendar or multiple calendars that I could carry in with me at all times and use to keep tract of things, such as assignments, tests, deadlines,appointments, and work schedules. I always carry calendars or planners with me in my purse and in my book bag, but I do not take advantage of their entire usefulness.


  1. Hi Jo! I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I feel like I know you well now. Your blog was well written, and very informative. You were very informative on sharing what you learned from the time management video. I also have the same problem as you; I always have a calender with me at all time, but I usually forget you write down the important dates that I need to be keeping up with. Make sure that you proof read your blog before you post it, and make sure that you capitalize the words that need to be capitalized and that you don't type the same word more than one time. Other than that your blog was great!

  2. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving your kind post, Jo. I hope that you enjoy the EDM 310 class. I may go looking to see what sort of content that the course provides. I know that, in the beginning, blogging may seem to be one of those sorts of things that go into course requirements! I would encourage you to continue to blog after you become certified as a teacher and get your own classroom. It's a great way to be reflective of your own practice but more so, it can connect you to a great group of educators to push your thinking about our profession.

    All the best and please feel free to connect any time you think I can be of assistance.