Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4Ks For November


For this C4K I read and commented on Mckenzie's blog. Mckenzie is a grade four student from Canada. The post I read on her blog was a project done on the grassland. She included animals and what the grasslands are like and located. She did a great job. I commented on the post saying that she did a great job explaining all the details about the grasslands.


This week I was assigned Megan C. The post I read was called A Weird Wake Up. Megan talks about a dream she had and the crazy things that happened in her dream. It was cute and funny. I really enjoyed it. I commented on her post telling her that I enjoyed reading it and that it was very funny.


This week I was assigned to Mikayla. The post I read on her blog was called 10 Lies. In this post she made a list of ten things she considers lies, things like uniforms are enforced, high school is the best years of your life, etc. I commented on this post saying that I agreed with some of the things she listed as lies and when I was in high school I would have agreed with her on most of them.

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