Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Assignment #4


I am not going to lie, I know very little about podcasts and until I started this Edm310 class, I had not heard much about podcasts. These posts about podcasting were very insightful.

Langwitches Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting was a great post. It is wonderful to see how far technology has come, and that a podcast can help students so much. I like how hands on it can be for students, to make a podcast. Podcasts can help students learn by listening and being able to comprehend studies better. It is a great tool for teachers, especially language teachers, as the post mentioned. Langwitches-Podcasting with 1st Grade is such a great post. I loved reading about how a teacher took the time to use technology as a way to get her first grade class to get involved. They used literature and technology to take the students thinking to different level. As mentioned in the post, the more the students worked on the podcast and their recordings, the more they wanted to help out with the editing of the podcast. Langwitches-Flat Stanley Podcast was about a class that read the book Flat Stanley and was inspired by their responses from a project they did that they wanted to make a podcast. Seeing how students love hands on work and a chance to work with technology, is so great. The students had to think about the script, senses, and sound effects to go along with what they had researched.

After reading the posts I feel a bit more educated about podcasts. I think that podcasts are something that I will try to use in my classroom when I become a teacher. I am excited to see how technology will continue to influence the classroom environment.
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  1. "I am not going to lie, I know very little about podcasts..." Why would you even think about lying? We expect that you are in EDM310 to learn about things you did not know about.

    "...can help students so much." Be specific. You do not provide enough details.

    I know what the posts/videos are about. But a reader of your post who did not know already would not learn much from reading your post. You must summarize the material you read and watched with specific examples. You must then add your reactions, learning, etc. You are very short on both.

    You must do better.

  2. Hi Leslie,
    I think you did a pretty good job this week on your blog. However I do have to critique it so I will try to be gentle. I think that you could have spent a little more time on your blog. Your writing needs more depth. The reader needs to leave your site with a good understanding of the concept you are talking about and what your opinion of it is. Maybe adopting the point of view of your readers might help? I do think your overall layout looks great and I liked your presentation! Good luck on your next fishing trip!

    Paul Bedsole