Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Assignment #5

The iSchool Initiative:

Travis Allen had some great points in his video, The iSchool Initiative. I loved that as a student he saw the needs of his school and the budget cuts that were being made. He took the time to come up with an a idea, that I agree, would be a great way to use technology in the classroom and cut back on spending. He produced the argument that applications can go above and beyond just video games and entertainment.

I think his idea is brilliant. Schools could really save money and resources by using the iSchool. Technology is making a huge impact on society as it is and it needs to be brought to the classroom in a way that will help educate students. Travis Allen showed in his video that all these different applications can take the place of the expensive essentials needed in the classroom. However, I do think that students may get caught up in the iSchool itself and not just simply remain focused on the educational things. That would be something that would have to be monitored. Also, I think that somethings in the curriculum should be a more hands on experience. Those are my only concerns for this idea. The iSchool seems like it would be a very resourceful addition to the education system. I also enjoyed watching Travis Allen's video Travis Allen's ZeitgeistYoungMinds entry. It is great to see that his idea has launched out worldwide. That just goes to show how worldwide technology is and that one person with an idea can spark change all over.

Erin Whitacre's Virtual Choir:

This video was amazing! Erin Whitacre pulls hundreds of people together, that have never sung together before or even met, to make a virtual choir. I remember seeing the video, Erin Whitacre's Virtual Choir, on the news months ago. The song itself is beautiful and the voices are so harmonious. It is incredible what people can do with technology these days.
virtual choir

Teaching in the 21st Century:

Dr. Strange's version of Kevin Roberts' video, Teaching in the 21st Century, was very insightful. I have been realizing more and more lately that with the progress of technology, the teacher's role in the classroom is more obsolete. I think that in our EDM310 class we learn how to use technology to its fullest advantages as a teaching aid. Our new role as educators is to teach students how to properly use the resources they have available to them through technology. We all retrieve most of our information from the internet or other technological resources and students need to know how to be utilize these resources.
technology in the classroom

Flipped Classroom:

Flipping the classroom is a wonderful idea!! I love the idea that students are able to get lecture information and a practice before the teacher has gone over that particular topic. After watching the videos: Flipping the Classroom-4th Grade STEM, Why I Flipped My Classroom, Dr. Lodge McCammon's FIZZ-Flipping the Classroom; I realized just how helpful it is to give students information ahead of time. Students can go back to previous lessons for remediation and review, while other students can work ahead.
flipped classroom

I can see how this process can motivate students to be more involved, as they are encouraged to work at their own pace. I think that students will be much more engaged in the classroom by doing this, instead of just sitting in class listening to lectures. It seems like a great way for parents to also get more involved in what their children are learning in school. This will help the teachers more effective get the subject matter across to students and give them more time for application on what they have learned. I love this idea.


  1. "However, I do think that students may get caught up in the iSchool itself and not just simply remain focused on the educational things." I hope you don't think the current system keeps kids "focused on the educational things." It most certainly does not. Which is likely to produce more "focused on the educational things"? The current system or a system that fills a kids time using technology for educational purposes?

    Interesting. Thoughtful.

  2. Leslie,
    I want to start off by saying that this blog post was amazing for me to read. Most people don't take the time and effort to put such significant effort into their post, however, you did. I can honestly say that I do not see any mistakes grammar wise. I do like your thoughts about flipping the classroom. It interests me. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Lesley,
    It is really great to know that future educators will be very enthusiastic about teaching. Thanks for visiting my blog. Looking forward to reading your posts.
    Eva Buyuksimkesyan