Saturday, September 22, 2012

C4T #1

Doug Peterson is a sessional instructor at University of Windsor in Canada. The first time I read his blog, he was writing about a group of high school students that founded a program called Hallway. Hallway, as Mr. Peterson stated, is a social network where students from all over the world can ask questions pertaining to school work and receive help. The students can not also receive help on their studies but they can also help other students worldwide with their studies. It looks like a great way for students to interact.

The second time that I commented on his blog, he had written a post on a product called It seems like a great product that can help enhance the connection between blogging and twitter. He gave a description of how fast it is for a blog or tweet about a blog to move throughout the network. It was a terrific post and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mr. Peterson's blog.

Click here to view Mr. Peterson's blog

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