Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog Assignment #7

The Networked Student By Wendy Drexler:

The video, The Networked Student, that Wendy Drexler's high school students created is about the concept of connectivism. Connectivism is education through various networking sites. The video shows how a student that is studying a specific topic can share the information he finds on the topic through networking sites. It also shows how the student found reliable sources through networking sites as well.

The teacher in this video may seem obsolete; but as it shows at the end of the video the teacher is there to help the student with problems and questions, she provides a model of how her students should use the networking sites in their studies, and she is to help her students best organize the information they have found. The teachers in these settings are not the ordinary lecture based teachers.

It is important for teachers to incorporate the internet and social networking into their classes. With the advancement of technology teachers need to stay ahead and be able and ready to teach their students the proper way to use the internet and networking. Students need to see how networking can help enhance their learning process. As shown in the video, students can use sites to find sources and then post the sites they have found on a bookmarking site so that others can see them as well. I like the idea of connectivism and I think it is a great teaching method that all teachers should incorporate in their classrooms.

A 7th Grader's PLE:

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment(or PLN), was a great video. The seventh grade student showed how useful networking has been for her. She used a program called Symbaloo, which seems like a great tool. It looks like a tool I would like to try out. Her PLE seemed very organized and she seemed excited about using it. I think that this is a great way to get students more interactive with their school work.

Her PLE was similar to my PLN from EDM 310. Every week ours is becoming more detailed. I think that when people see our PLN they can see how much time and work we put into it. I am excited to see the outcome of my PLN at the end of the semester and continue to expand it even after the semester is over.


  1. Hi Leslie, Great post. Your post was well written with no puncation errors from what I read. You have all links and a title modifer for your picture. I agree with you, having a PLE is a great way to get students more interactive with their school work.

    Carmen Young

  2. Leslie,
    I was confused with your take on "The Networked Student" Video, because you wrote that "The teacher in this video may seem obsolete", and "The teachers in these settings are not the ordinary lecture based teachers"....I wasn't sure what you were summarizing about the video and it seemed conflicting. I also thought that you over-used "networking", so be sure to mix up your word choice so it comes across to the reader as more energetic and creative. You don't want to lose the attention of your students on your class blog when you give instructions or make announcements!
    Keep up the good work, and remember to mix it up and to be careful of your word choice!