Thursday, October 18, 2012

C4T #2

Eva Buyuksimkesyan is an English teacher, she has been teaching for twenty years. The first time I read her blog, her post that I commented on was about a new tool that she had discovered called Edcanvas. Edcanvas is a tool where you can create online lessons using videos from Youtube, URLs, and your own documents. It looks like a really great tool to use and something that even students can use. After commenting on this blog post I received a follow from Edcanvas on Twitter, so awesome!

The second time that I commented on Mrs. Buyuksimkesyan's blog, her post was about another tool that she found. This one is called Smore. Smore is on online flyer creator. You can use it for many different things such as: an event, describe a product, and create a class newspaper. She explains that you can also embed your flyers on your blog. Seems really neat and I am definitely checking this out. I really enjoyed reading Mrs. Buyuksimkesyan's blog.


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  2. Dear Jo,
    I am glad you liked the tools and here you can also see how a student used it for homework. loved her idea very much and I though you might also want to share it