Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Assignment #11

First Grade in Ms. Cassidy's Class:

In this video, Little Kids...Big Potential, we get to see a virtual tour of Ms. Cassidy's first grade classroom. In this class they use a wide range of technologies like Skype, Wiki, Nintendo DS, blogging, and so much more. In the video you can see how excited her students are to learn through all these different tools.
little kids big potential
The students explain to us how they use their blogs and even give tips on how to use blogs properly. They said to never be mean about or to anyone, because it could hurt their feelings. The students seemed to love receiving comments from friends and family members on their blogs. I think this is a great age to begin to teach kids how to use these tools. Their skills can only grow from there. It is wonderful that teachers are starting to teach these skills are such a young age so that they can grow and keep up with technology and its advances. This younger generation is going to have so much to offer.

Skyping with Ms. Cassidy:
Click here to view the interview with Ms. Cassidy

In the interview Ms. Cassidy talks about how she got started with using technology in her classroom. She says that ten years ago she was given five computers for her class and it has grown from that. She says that the kids really enjoy it. She says technology is not going away.

I think that this class has opened my eyes more to the type of classroom environment I will need to create, when it comes to technology. It is extremely important that students learn to use technology to its fullest. I am truly inspired by Ms. Cassidy's class. She has turned receiving five computers in her class, to incorporating technology into her classroom as an everyday experience. I think I will definitely use Smart boards, have a class blog, and also use blogging as a tool for assignments and a way of communication with students. Having a class blog or website seems like it is very effective. Parents can see announcements, due dates, assignments, and even communicate with teachers. I love the idea of students blogging, even at a young age. Students need outlets to express themselves and blogging seems like a great way to do that. The students, I think, will love receiving comments from people other than their teachers. I think this video was great. Ms. Cassidy has a lot of ideas and she answered a lot of questions for me. I think that students will benefit a great deal from activities that are engaging. I loved the snow in her backyard!!


  1. Yes, blog. That was a LOT of snow!

    Thorough, thoughtful, well done!

  2. Hey Leslie!
    I think you did a great job explaining Mrs. Cassidy's interview and adding your opinion to the discussion as well! I want my students to become bloggers as well; I love reading our C4Ks and seeing a younger generation talk about something that's exciting to them. I've had either 2 or 3 people actually comment back to me and it's so sweet to see them overjoyed to get comments from readers!

  3. Leslie,

    As Dr. Strange said, your post was very "thorough". You covered all that each of the videos had and gave some great feedback to them. I don't see any real grammatical errors and your post is well written. Great job!