Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Assignment #12

For this blog assignment we were given the opportunity to come up with an assignment that has to do with our speciality and then do the assignment. My speciality is elementary education. The assignment I came up with is to have students read the article, Putting the iPad to Work in Elementary Classrooms, then write a summary of the article. The summary should be a minimum of two paragraphs and should include not only a summary but ways you would use an iPad in your own classroom.

Putting the iPad to Work in Elementary Classrooms

iPad in classroom
In this article Peter Levy is writing about how Camilla Gagliolo incorporated the use of iPads in her classroom. She started off by trying to use them with her special needs students. This had such great success that it expanded into the entire elementary school. She said she found that the phrase that is reaching the cliche status -"there is an app for that." She said she has found that there are a great deal of applications that apply to elementary school environment. These applications allow for the students to enhance their creativity and to think critically. Her students were now creating their own online books, photos, and videos.

Teachers are getting so excited about using technology in their classrooms and it is such an inspiration to get to do the same when I have a classroom of my own. In this article Mr. Levy mentioned Mrs. Cobb who was given two iPads to use in her classroom. I loved her idea to allow two students a trimester to use the iPads for all of their online assignments and learning. I think this would be a great way to see how each students develops with the use of a iPad and so that they can learn in more depth about technology. I would love to incorporate an idea such as this into my own classroom. I plan to use technology as much as possible in my own classroom but I liked how this article pointed out the iPad specifically. The iPad can act just as a regular desktop or PC but it has so many features to enhance learning and you cannot forget about all the applications that Apple has that can be downloaded onto the iPad to enhance learnig as well.


  1. Leslie,

    The iPad is certainly a wonderful resource for the classroom! They could be used at any grade level and they have very many capabilities.

  2. Leslie,
    I thought you chose a great article for your fictional assignment. I live in Fairhope and just recently they gave all the high school students a Mac book for them to use instead of books. They also use these to complete and submit assignments. I am also an elementary education major and I think that getting Apple products into classrooms is an excellent idea; especially if that it the technology the students will be using in higher levels of education. I also would love to have an iPad in my future classroom. I can only imagine that the students will get a lot of use out of it. Great post!