Sunday, November 11, 2012

C4Ks for October


The blog to whom I was assigned was Destiny's. She is a student from Canada. In her blog she wrote about the quality of life. She talks about how she is reminded of how fortunate she is in her life. I commented on her blog saying that she did a great job writing her blog and that I agreed with her that we all have pretty good lives, we just do not always take the time to appreciate what we have.


The blog that I was assigned to was Lily's. Her blog is through her tenth grade modern world history class. I read her blog titled Globalization. She talks about her views on globalization and its effects in the United States. I commented on her post saying that I agreed with her for the most point, but that globalization has its negative and positive points.


The blog that I was assigned to this week was Keene. In this post Keene is writing about a book he just read called Ponyboy, which is actually a book I have read before. I commented saying that I enjoyed reading the summary and that I had read the book before.

Vitulli and Santoli

This week I was assigned to comment on Dr. Santoli and Dr. Vituli's blog that they created together a blog for their trip to Ireland for Ireland International Conference on Education. This post was an Irish blessing they posted. It was not an Irish blessing I had heard before but I really liked it. It was very beautiful and encouraging.

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